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As the force behind Growth Stimulus Training, I strive to provide you with every tool and piece of information you need to maximize your personal GST experience. I take your goals seriously, and work directly with you to make them happen. I follow a simple philosophy; ‘You support me, I support you.’

By reading my eBook, not only will you learn every detail of GST, you will also learn the reasoning and background behind each of the program’s concepts and methods. I believe it is very important for you to understand the ‘why’ as well as the ‘how’ behind GST. By understanding the ‘why,’ you will undoubtedtly increase the effectiveness of your training sessions.

Growth Stimulus Training contains the following chapters, and I encourage you to click on each chapter title and read each chapter’s free preview.

1. The Creation of Growth Stimulus Training

2. Growth Stimulus Training and the Masses

3. The Core Concepts of Growth Stimulus Training

4. The Growth Stimulus Training Rundown

5. Training Scheduling

6. The Core Exercises

7. Core Exercise Rep and Intensity Schemes

8. The Supplement Exercises

9. Supplement Exercises Rep and Set Schemes

10. Training Order and Split Building

11. Explosive Core Exercise Priming

12. Direct Ab Work

13. Weak Point Training

14. Active Recovery Complex Training

15. One Growth Stimulus Training Session

16. Frequently Asked Questions

Growth Stimulus Training has been, and continues to be the program of choice for 1000s of beginner, novice, and advanced users around the world.

I am confident that GST will become your program of choice, but I want you to have trust in me and my program before you make your decision to purchase GST.

If you have any questions or concerns before you buy, contact me directly and I will earn your trust by addressing your concerns and answering your questions.

I am passionate about training and spreading my knowledge to everyone who is willing to listen. Email me by clicking the ‘email me’ link below and we will discuss how GST can become a key part of your training experience.

If you are already set to begin GST, simply click the ‘Buy Now’ button at the bottom of this page and your experience will begin.

I look forward to working with you and thank you for your business. Train Hard. Train Smart. GROW!

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