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Malachi, Kansas

“I had been using GST for about a year and a half. I found GST through the bodybuilding forums. I had taken quite a few classes in college in weightlifting and exercise physiology and I am currently in the medical field. I felt Ryan’s method and approach was spot on. I felt his program fit my personal goals. The flexibility of the program was one of the most intriguing aspects. I could take Ryan’s GST program and use it to “bulk” or I could use it to “cut” and that is exactly what I did. The versatility of his program allowed me to build and then cut for a transformation challenge! I plan on using his program and concepts for years to come!

I would also like to add that Ryan is truly about his customer. He has readily made himself available to answer the thousands of questions I had for him! I initially purchased an E-book from him and he was able to deliver a hand-tailored program to start me off in the right direction! I appreciate everything Ryan has done for me as well as the help he has offered to ensure my success!”


Josh, Arkansas

“1. Why did you choose to use GST?
Honestly, I chose to use GST because Ryan told me to. I didn’t have any experience with training programs before, so I was starting from the ground floor with GST. There was a short time when I was following a linear plan of 5x5s, but GST is much more mentally engaging, physically challenging, and just plain fun.

2. What is your favorite aspect of GST?
There are two things that I really like about GST: the flexibility to target different weakpoints, and the mixture of high and low reps.

3. How has GST taken you to the next level in your training?
I had never lifted weights until I got to college, and I only started going because a friend invited me. After being exposed to the gym and a lifestyle of fitness, I knew this was something that I loved doing. However, I never thought I would be one of those people lifting huge amounts of weight. Now, with the help of Ryan and GST, I’m deadlifting over 320lbs, and I just broke 300lbs on my Squat day yesterday. But really, it doesn’t matter if I’m going for high reps or low reps on my primary lifts, both are a mental challenge that I get pumped up for.

4. For a prospective GST user, why should they begin using GST?
To prospective GST users, I would say you don’t have anything to lose. If you’re tired and bored of doing the same thing over and over again, if you’re hitting plateaus, or if you’re looking for a well-thought-out training plan, I would say give GST a shot!”


Jessie Hilgenberg, Nevada


“Check out IFBB Figure Pro Jessie Hilgenberg’s interview to learn more about her Growth Stimulus Training experience, nutrition approach, and lifestyle by clicking the following link:

Also, check out Jessie in the January issue of FLEX magazine!






Dan, England


“Hey Ryan,

Here goes…

I chose to use GST as a result of reading the forums at I’d been going to the gym as part of my transformation but I was only “going” I wasn’t “training”. I started seeing lots of people writing logs, many of which were following a program called GST. I thought, “I gotta give that a go.”

The thing I liked the most about GST (and still to this day) is the Core Lift progression. With any ounce of logic you can see straight away that a program that actively uses your 1RM as a point of planned progression through the use of % stepped increments is gunna be nigh on impossible to NOT make gains.

GST has changed the way I train indefinitely. I now train for purpose. I don’t “work out” – I train. Having that goal to hit more and more reps on each AMRAP set really forces you to push through the limits you always thought you had – and realise just how far past them you can really go when you do.

I’d recommend GST to anyone. It was only the other day I sent a guy to Ryan for a crash course as I feel anyone who has never done a planned progression routine should definitely “cut their teeth” with GST. It gets you into a habit of following a pattern, setting the work out in front of you, getting in there, and getting it done.

I’d just like to add, although I made some changes to the program myself to tailor it to my needs I’d advise anyone starting it to stick to it and follow Ryan’s instruction. I said this to my other half the other day “If it wasn’t for me seeing this routine on forums… I don’t think I would be anywhere near to my goal as I am today”.

There you go Ryan. Appreciate the opportunity bud.”

Please visit Dan’s YouTube Channel for great training videos –

Julie, Nevada

“1. Why did you choose to use Ryan’s coaching service?

I chose Ryan’s coaching to gain upper body mass. I needed bigger shoulders and back to be able to compete in a higher division then what I did in the past.

2. What is your favorite aspect of working with Ryan?

I would have to say I Loved doing the AMRAP’S, I always felt it got me closer to failure with each workout.

3. How has Ryan’s coaching taken you to the next level in your training?

Ryan’s coaching helped me in the process to achieving bigger muscles in the lacking areas that I needed. I never could get my shoulders to grow and make those big caps and my back was just not wide enough. Ryan’s technique help tremendously in both those areas.

4. For a prospective GST user or coaching client of Ryan’s, why should they begin?

If they want to see improvements, Ryan’s coaching works!! I didn’t think I could get to where I needed to be. The technique that Ryan uses forces your muscle to grow bigger and stronger with every rep. I would recommend Ryan to anyone who wants to see results!”


Claire, Nevada

“1. Why did you choose to use Ryan’s coaching service?

I chose Ryan for a few reasons.
After checking out his program and the feedback from his clients, I really found GST to be the best fit for my goals of getting big. Also I’m a big fan of Jessie Hilgenburg and the fact that she recommended him made the choice even easier!!

2. What is your favorite aspect of working with Ryan?

Ryan is so knowledgable in both areas of training and nutrition. He really took the time to explain why he set up my plan the way he did and always gave prompt and informative responses to all my questions.

3. How has Ryan’s coaching taken you to the next level in your training?

Ryan has given me a great foundation for my fitness journey and I saw major improvements in my weight numbers and physique. I have a much better understanding of nutrition and am excited to utilize it in the years to come!

4. For a prospective GST user or coaching client of Ryan’s, why should they begin?

Ryan has a very solid, clear and effective program geared for everyone, no matter where they are in their fitness journey. I also respect him so much as a person. He truly wants to see people improve and succeed. I am so blessed to have been able to work with him and would recommend him to anyone. Thank you Ryan!!!!

Thanks again for all the knowledge you shared, would love to work with you again in the future! I also have appreciated all the info and discussions you share and start on your page, keep up all the phenomenal work!



Jessie, Minnesota

“I started training with Ryan as an incentive to lose weight. What I ended up gaining was a whole new insight on nutrition, strength training, and overall well-being.

Over the past two years, Ryan has been a source of encouragement, always helping to motivate me to the next level. I can honestly say I’ve never felt better, the compliments haven’t stopped, and my motivation keeps growing every day! Also, I have to say I enjoy trying to beat the boys at their training game.

Ladies, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain, so get started with Ryan NOW. I promise you won’t regret it!”




Paul, United States Air Force


“Hello Ryan,

I have not e-mailed you in almost a year but that does not mean I have not been working. I wanted to say thank you for a solid program. I have seen consistent gains and recommend GST to everyone that asks for advice.

I have attached some progress pictures. The first picture is of me two weeks before I started GST Dec 2010 (190lbs), the second was Oct 2011 (204lbs), and the third was today (211lbs).

In January of 2011 I set a goal to be at 215lbs by the end of March 2012. I am currently at 211lbs with a little over two months to go.

Thank you again!


Paul is a GST eBook customer and Nutrition Template customer.




















Emily & Jason, Virginia

“We are both in the best shape of our lives and our only regret is that we didn’t start this sooner as we are both almost 40 years old now.

“Jason and I got serious about our diet and exercise in April 2013. We were both at our highest weights ever: Jason was 245lbs and I was 180lbs. I actually had to go buy a pair of size 16 pants and that is when I said enough.

Jason had received his diet from Ryan already but hadn’t started using it yet until I received mine and so the day after Easter we both started our new eating plans and started working out. I started using the coach to 5K app and the day before Mother’s Day I ran a 5K on the treadmill. The first weekend in June I ran in a local 5K and couldn’t even run the whole way. We both continued on our diets and trained for the summer and then I ran in another local 5K the first week in Sept and came in 3rd place for my age division and actually ran it in 30 minutes. Since then I have run in a 4 mile race and have increased my mileage up to a 10K and plan on running in a 10K race in the spring.

I have had repeat lab work drawn in Sept and in 5 short months I have dropped my cholesterol down from 240 to 180 (highest was 330), and my blood sugar and triglycerides are all now way under normal. I am 38 years old and have been on blood pressure and blood sugar medicines for 10 years for hypertension and pre diabetes. I am pleased to say that I am now off all medications! I have lost 32lbs and have gone from a size 16 to a size 6!

Jason has lost a total of 47lbs and has run in a 5K as well as a Warrior Dash and is currently training for a Spartan Race in November. We are both in the best shape of our lives and our only regret is that we didn’t start this sooner as we are both almost 40 years old now. We also have 2 children who were learning bad habits from us and they are both now eating 5 meals a day with us. My 10 year old has a 2 pack showing on her abs now as a result of cutting out all processed food. Making the decision to get healthy has impacted my whole family and others around us as well and we couldn’t be happier.

Thanks Ryan for what you do!



Bryan, Maine


“Just felt the need to shoot you an email about my progress. I’ve recently begun my third macro, and have also taken updated measurements of my body. I’ve gotta tell you, I was extremely impressed and proud by my results so far. Before I tried GST, I was winging it in the gym, and having a hard time finding a program that would fit me and what I wanted.

After just a month, a few people were commenting on how I looked a bit better; my younger brother was so impressed that he copied my routine, tried it for a bit, and recently bought the custom program design from you. GST is quickly becoming his lifestyle now, as it did for me.

Three months into GST, everyone I run into is commenting on how good I look. It’s no longer a question from them “Been hitting the gym or something?”, but rather they know “You’ve been going to the gym!”. It’s a great feeling, haha. I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been, and I’m extremely ambitious about the future. Even regulars in the gym are noticing my progress and asking about my notebook (the program, the ‘micros’, ‘macros’, ‘core & supps’, etc). I’m always more than happy to tell people exactly what program I’m doing and who created it.

My fat content is so much lower now, my muscle size has increased so much, and I am always so PUMPED for the next workout!

So glad I found your GST program, Ryan. It fits me like none I’ve found. I’m going to enjoy it for years. Can’t thank you enough!

I hope you don’t mind, I included a couple of progress pics in here too. One is upper back progress, and the other is front torso progress. And I’ve only just begun my third macro!

Bryan B.”

Bryan is a GST eBook customer and a nutrition template customer.

Chris, Stationed in South Korea


My journey is much like anyone else’s; I just want to look good and be healthy. I first stumbled upon GST while browsing through the website. At first I was skeptical, because let’s face it, there are a lot of different programs to choose from and things you could choose to do. I decided I liked the program layout of GST and saw that Ryan offered an E-book for free to test out the program and see what it had to offer. I tried out Micro 0 and fell in love. I noticed right away that the program was well thought out, and had a method to the madness.

There is a rotating rep/set scheme that you follow and it flows very nicely. It really keeps things interesting. Ryan kept in contact with me and asked what I thought of the program, and within the first few days I was hooked and ordered my custom training package. The customer service that Ryan provides is outstanding and he continues to address any issues or questions I might have along the way. GST has helped me stay motivated by mixing things up, its not the same old boring thing every day in the gym. I feel like I have a purpose and I’m excited to get in there and break through new barriers. The principles of GST make me feel great to go hit the gym, because it’s not all about heavy weight and low reps, which you get burned out with real quick. It constantly changes and keeps you wondering how much better your going to do the next time.
Outside of the gym is the same thing, I got the nutrition plan from Ryan and he helped me see how important it is to eat correctly and to eat for purpose and set goals for myself. I started out at the end of July 2011 weighing in at 201lbs and roughly 21% BF. Being 6’ tall I have been told I was skinny my whole life, but we all know you can be skinny fat and that was me. After a few months I was losing weight consistently and following my macro breakdowns as closely as possible. People in and out of the gym started to notice my hard work and that it was paying off, I got questions like “are you training for a marathon” or “hey you look leaner what have you been up to? “ It was at that point I knew I made the right decision to cut down to 10% BF.

I have been using GST for 4 Macro cycles and I can honestly say it has changed my life. I have actually gained muscle mass while losing body fat. Simply amazing, I was always one of those people who say “that can never happen to me”. You have to be determined and set goals for yourself. I write everything down in the gym and track all my food just because its important to know what your eating and how your eating. It was a little tedious at first but now its like second nature.

GST will be the only way I train from here on out! Thanks Ryan for putting together an awesome program that truly works!”

Jordan, Ontario


I can honestly say I have made more gains in the last 2 months than I would have during 4 months of my old 5 day split. There is a huge difference between training and working out without a structured plan. I have stuck to the plan the entire time, never missed a workout, and kept my diet in check the entire time.

Strength has continuously gone up every single week and I have put on very noticeable size. When I started I weighed in at 180. I’m now 190! My goal was to put on 3 pounds per month and that is exactly what I have been doing.

Shoulders have been a strong point for me in the past, but lets face it, who doesnt want huge shoulders? Since focusing on all compound movements during the GST “Press Day”, they have been growing so fast and added so much size to them that I noticed some small stretch marks on both shoulders!

Legs are another thing that have grown tremendously. They were a huge weak point for me and Ryan did a great job setting up my program to hit them hard. Lets just say I no longer consider them a weak point.

I’m so glad I went with GST for my bulk or i’d be getting nowhere right now. I feel bad for people who aren’t on GST. I recommend this program to anyone. Ryan does a great job of designing your program based on your goals.

Thanks again!”

Bob, California

“1. Why did you choose to use GST?

I found GST via forums. After reading Ryan’s article its just made perfect sense – I knew this program was designed just for me… I was “that guy” stuck doing the same exercise routine (chest&tri’s, back &bi’s, shoulder/legs) and after achieving zero results i just up and quit out of frustration. GST is easy to understand and Ryan’s ebook breaks it down perfectly. All you really have to do is suit up and show up and begin to use the mind/muscle connection.

2. What is your favorite aspect of GST?

“Constant Change” GST keeps my body constantly confused with both routines and weight. There’s no way to get stuck in that gym rut if you work GST correctly.

3. How has GST taken you to the next level in your training?

Just take a look at my before and after pictures! I now train with meaning and goals – I no longer go in to gym just to push some weigh around thinking a pump equals growth.

4. For a prospective GST user, why should they begin using GST?

If you’re tired of the same old gym rut GST is your ladder out. Ryan takes all the confusion out of training correctly and makes it fun again – before you know it you’re body is transforming and achieving results you never dreamed of.

5. If there is anything else you’d like to say about your GST experience, say it here.

GST is a way of life – It has totally changed the way i look at training. I know I’ve just begun and I have a way to go. However, for the first time in my life i feel like I can actually call myself a bodybuilder. I understand how my body works, I understand the mind/muscle connection, I understand how essential proper diet and rest is to achieving your bodybuilding goals. Make sure you talk to Ryan about his custom diet plan you’d be foolish to leave that aspect out of your training program .

Thanks Ryan for all your hard work in creating GST along with your continued support I’m truly grateful.”

Jay, Michigan

““Two months ago I was looking for a good workout after 24 years of basically doing what I wanted. I set up a workout reading the basic outlines of GST on this site. I loved it right off the bat and jumped right into the workouts. I followed exactly as the guidelines specified and it was great. I made the decision to purchase the ebook and read it over again and again and tweaked the GST workouts I already had. Eight weeks later on my GST routine I was feeling it, and loving it.

I finally took Ryan up on the offer that comes with the ebook and allowed him to design a program for me, tailored around what I am looking for and what I need. Now before I go any further I want to point out that I am VERY set in my ways, in life and the gym and how I train, to have someone tell me what I should do and how I should do it goes against my every fiber in my body.

After reading the workouts he designed for me I had more then a few.. “why the hell didn’t I think of that”, and “shoot that’s better then what I could of thought up”. I just have to give this man some props he knows what the hell he is talking about. Thanks man I am looking forward to the long haul and what GST is gonna do for me.”

Blake, Minnesota

“1. Why did you choose to use GST?
From starting to work out with Ryan back as a Junior in High School, I kept training with him and learning all about the world of bodybuilding. I’ve seen multiple different approaches to training, from 5 rep routines to 5 days a week, high rep days and all the above. I thought and looked at this program as a mix between it all, so I got on it and haven’t looked back yet.

2. What is your favorite aspect of GST?
I love the fact that it changes up every week by constantly changing the reps/sets. I have never been one for every week doing the same weight for the same reps and then the next week add 5 lbs and try and do it again. With the 60/70/80/90 scheme its nice to see those weights go up over time and you know your 1RM is going up as well.

3. How has GST taken you to the next level in your training?
Well I really took it serious when I got out of college and my hand was fully recovered from being broken. Since then I bought the book from Ryan, and used the sample outline he gave me for awhile. I’ve changed it up since then, but still use the GST format to better fit my lifestyle. That was around mid January, it is now June. I have gone from a 6’2″ 160 Lb frame to a 6’2″ 190 Lb frame with little to no body fat added. I thank GST for that.

4. For a prospective GST user, why should they begin using GST?
If you are considering trying it, I ask you to buy the book and read it. Just the threads on don’t give you a clue to how in depth Ryan goes through the whole program and what everything will do for your body. He explains everything to a point that no one else should have any questions on what they are doing. If you have never had a PT at a gym and are not sure what you are doing at the gym.. STOP WASTING YOUR TIME! I can’t tell you how much people I see at the gym I work out at that look the same/don’t know what the heck they are doing with the weights and they look like a fish out of water.”

Steve, Missouri

“GST changed my outlook on training in the fact that is proves that there is nothing as effective and there is no substitution for the bigger, proven compound lifts. There is a reason why nearly all proven programs focus on presses, squats, rows, pull ups, deadlifts, dips, etc. They work!!! It’s now interesting to see people in the gym doing 12 biceps sets, when I know that on a good pull day, that I’m lucky to get through 3-4 sets of bicep work…and my muscles are still getting ready to bust through my skin.

GST has also convinced me that you do not need the crazy volume many people attempt ( because of an overload of isolation movements) to get bigger and stronger. 4-5 exercises a day is PLENTY if you are doing the right lifts in the right order.

I was happy with the support provided (by Ryan) throughout the creation of the program. My initial program is the amongst the best $30 I have ever spent, in a day and age when everyone thinks everything should be free. $30 is a steal

My favorite part of GST is probably….

The “AMRAP” sets continually give you feedback on your strength levels.

The biggest piece of advice I could give anyone getting started is to give the program time and track results on paper and with pictures. Take any victory where you can, whether is personal bests in core lifts, extra reps in a supplemental lift, or just the fact that you are changing your body and eventually it will show. “

Jeff, Oklahoma

“1. Why did you choose to use GST?
I was looking for a program to put on some mass after loosing 80 pounds over the last 2 years. I got very lean but had no real strength or muscle mass. I looked at several programs and stumbled across GST on and read through the basic principals and just fell in love with its set up and philosophy. It had a nice progression built into it and a lot of variety. The other reason is the originator of the program is very active in the BB threads related to GST and is very hands on with people doing it.

2. What is your favorite aspect of GST?
Several things from all the variety, emphasis on basic compound lifts and good feedback from Ryan and other group members activally using the program.

3. How has GST taken you to the next level in your training?
Well, its actually training! That was my next level from just workout. I now have goals, a scheduled progression and its working. Ive gotten a lot stronger in a very short period of time using this program in combination with his diet with a bulking goal. Ryan can help you make logical goals as its amazing how common it is for people to come in with goals that are just not compatable with each other.

4. For a prospective GST user, why should they begin using GST?
Its all about balance. A good mix of rep ranges and weight to chanlenge you and keep your muscles guessing whats next. It also reminds you that you need rest and nutrition as well. I was prone to overtraining and now that Im forced to rest, Im gaining faster than ever.”

Tyler, Colorado

“Ryan’s nutrition approach to dieting and the spreadsheet that came along with the nutritional plan allowed me to better understand how/what I was eating and transformed the way I look at meals in general. Once I upped the calories and started destroying the GST microcycles, the results started to show.

Thanks Ryan,



















Sepand, Australia

“I first signed up for Ryan’s GST a year ago and managed to go through two and a half macrocycles (about three months). But then I stopped. But three months ago I decided to give GST another shot. It’s been three months now and I’m on my third macrocycle and I can’t be happier with my results. Even though I’ve been traveling for the last 5 weeks, I’ve managed to hit the gym regularly, so dedication is definitely one part of the success, but the other part is because of Ryan’s well-thought out workout plan.

Here’s my progress report on micro 2 of macro 3:

Day 0 #s:
Weight: 154lb
Bench Press 1RM: 175lb
Barbell Squat 1RM: 255lb
Chinup 1RM: Bodyweight + 70lb
Deadlift 1RM: 305lb

Day 65
Weight: 157lb
Bench Press 1RM: 205lb
Barbell Squat 1RM: 295lb
Chinup 1RM: Bodyweight + 95lb
Deadlift 1RM: 325lb

I’ve also been eating around maintenance but not on purpose though. My protein intake has also been minimal as a result of my travels, which isn’t ideal. As a result, I’ve only gained a few pounds.

But my physique looks much better than before so I’m guessing I’ve lost and added fat and muscle at a 1:1 ratio, something that should be very difficult to do. What’s sort of cool is that this has worked very very well towards meeting my goals. I’m looking for a balanced approach to having a better physique and increasing my strength. My strength has gone up and I look much better. Everyone’s been telling me this, so this isn’t just my own subjective opinion. It feels good!

Overall, I’m *VERY* happy with Ryan’s plan. Some coaches that focus purely on strength won’t be too impressed with my numbers, but this is exactly what I’ve wanted. I’ve been making steady gains in strength while looking better and better, as opposed to morphing into a tub of lard.

Thank you, Ryan!

Matt, Australia

“I went from a good 93kgs in mid 2011 and built a ridiculous amount of strength thanks to Ryan… I am now at 80kgs with 13% body fat and still retained all the strength from when I was at 93kgs! GST affects people differently, and this is how it helped me.

Thanks heaps Ryan!”








Becky, United Kingdom


1. Why did you choose to use Ryan?

A friend pointed me in your direction about the training and I saw you did diets too so i thought if i do the training program i might as well do the diet too.

2. What is your favorite aspect of working with Ryan?

He always replies within 24 hours after sending him an email and always gives you a good detailed reply so you understand.

3. How has Ryan taken you to the next level in your training?

I’m enjoying training more as I’m seeing results and weights and strength are going up!

4. For a prospective client, why should they begin using Ryan’s services?

If you want results, enjoy training, and you want to lose fat without being restricted on your diet, Ryan’s the man to turn to. You pick the foods you want, Ryan works out how much you can have as long as you send him the nutritional details.

5. If there is anything else you’d like to say about your training experience, say it here.

I’m loving everything, training and diet and will stay with Ryan as long as I can and continue my goals.

Thank you Ryan! You’re the best!”

Gale, Illinois

“For all you newbies to GST….welcome aboard! You are all damn lucky to have found a program that is supported by someone of Ryan’s caliber.

I feel like I am on the threshold of, as you once said, “looking like someone that hits the iron”. I am very excited to think about where I will be a few months from now.

I owe almost all of it to your nutritional designs and the GST principles.

Thanks Ryan!”

Isaac, New York

“Ive made some nice gains in my first two GST macrocycles (2 months).

Deadlifts – 385 to 442 (+57lbs)

Incline Barbell Bench – 225 to 256 (+31 lbs)

Front Squats – 205 to 238 (+33lbs)

Chinups – 270 to 305 (+35lbs)

Bodyweight – 185 to 204 (+19 lbs)

Not bad for two months of work…looking forward to where I’ll be a year from now!”

Stuart, location unknown

“I’ve been lifting weights for years on and off, done 5×5, Max OT, low volume, high volume….I saw GST and instantly loved the concept behind it, focusing on the big 3, periodization, rotating rep schemes, and controlled failure sets.

I emailed Ryan and read through Micro 0, then I managed to get in on a sale copy of GST from being subscribed on Facebook, read up on GST, emailed Ryan answers to his program questions he asks, and a few days later Ryan emailed me back my own customized program that targets my weak points beautifully.

One workout into GST and I love it already, my weak point shoulders feel nicely sore and my motivation is through the roof. Best workout program I’ve had by miles and I can tell already I’m gonna gain loads of size and strength on this.

It’s worth the money for the eBook alone, but the tailored routine I got on top of that is top notch!

Ryan, you’re a legend.”

Stacy, New York

“I had tried a variety of training programs including Starting Strength, which I did for a year and a half. I always found myself becoming bored or eventually hitting a wall. I found GST and after reading the testimonials written by so many long term, happy GST users, I decided to give it a try. Ive never been more satisfied with a training program.

Ryan has been a great help in keeping my training program fresh and tailored to fit my specific training goals, as well as addressing any weak points. Thanks to GST I have an understanding now of why I’m doing each exercise and how it’s working for me. I have put on 6 lbs of lean muscle and am seeing much more definition!

The personalized nutrition plan that Ryan created for me was just the icing on the cake. I will soon be starting Macro 8 of this program with as much enthusiasm as Macro 1.

Thanks Ryan

Zac, North Carolina

“I must note that Ryan made my Primary Source Nutrition meal plan a while back and it has absolutely changed my life and thinking towards bodybuilding. I finally reached my heaviest at 185lbs and am stronger than ever!

If anyone needs a diet worked up, send Ryan an email. IT IS THE BEST THING EVER! Learning how to eat and how your body responds to food is just absolutely incredible! Had I done this when I first started lifting I would be huge right now.

Thank you Ryan!”

Michael, location unknown

“One month of progress using GST and the Primary Source Nutrition Approach with a goal of fat loss.”







Brendan, California

“I have been “working out” for 15 years, mostly on but sometimes taking as much as 8 months off at a time. I never had any rhyme or reason to my routines. I would watch what others in the gym were doing and copy what I liked and disregard what I didn’t. I felt I was throwing my money away on gym memberships so I bought some equipment for my garage. Long story short, 15 years later I was at the same place I had been after the first 3 years. I decided to get serious; I bought a Power Rack so I could push hard and started looking for a real plan to attack the iron. Luckily Ryan had posted his GST thread on the same week I ordered my power rack. His plan looked logical and methodical, something I sorely needed. His active involvement in the thread and willingness to answer all questions on a daily basis convinced me to give GST a try.

Four months later my Squat has gone from a 220lb one rep max to 280lbs, deadlift from 240lbs to 320lbs, and bench press from 200lbs to 235lbs. Bottom line, GST works. The increase in iron I am able to move is not the best part of the program though. GST actually adapts to you. Its 4 week progression gave me the confidence to get under weight that used to scare the hell out of me. The varying intensity of Set/Rep schemes always has me looking forward to the next day under the iron. The results are phenomenal! I am bigger, more defined, and much, much stronger after only 4 months. The built in flexibility of Core lifts and Supplement lifts keep me engaged mentally instead of just going through the motions. The 50/50 work time/rest time ratio seemed odd when I started. I quickly found that every work day left me exhausted and every day off left me ready to attack the iron with an anticipation I had never experienced before.

Looking for continuous progress? Looking for a routine that doesn’t bore you after 2 months? Looking for a program that keeps you mentally engaged like never before? Then give GST a chance!

I don’t “workout” any longer. I train with a plan that works”

Rod, Canada

“Thanks for the structure you’ve provided with your program. I was all over the place in terms of exercise selection, set/rep scheme (basically everything) before reading about your program. Following GST has already given me noticeable gains and the confidence to lift heavier than I ever have. I look forward to learning more and more. Thanks for sharing GST!!!”





“What I love about this set up is the anticipation I have for the next cycle. Even though the squat day totally wrecked me, I can’t wait to get back under the rack and see what I can do next time.”


John, California

“At first, I was unsure of how effective it was limiting myself on certain sets to a number of reps where I could easily do more. As I got into the later micros I started to understand what some of the benefits were and here’s a few things I’ve noticed:

1. Volume is about the same. I’ve found that given the weight I’m using if instead of doing an AMRAP I spread it out to all 3 sets I still end up doing about the same amount of total reps I would perform. So if you apply this math to your pull ups you’d be looking at a 3×8 set-rep scheme. This leads into…

2. Strength progression from maximum effort. By focusing on one set where I go balls to the wall and then a couple easier sets where I don’t go until near failure I have become more comfortable and capable under heavier weight. I’ve known that I’ve been capable of moving this type of weight but prior to GST the progression was slow because I was more focused on hitting all my reps in, for example, a 5×5 scheme rather than pushing the boundaries of my strength and worrying less about rep targets.

3. Complete muscle fatigue from supplement lifts. At the end of the AMRAP set I am always exhausted but within a few minutes of rest I’m wondering why I didn’t hit more reps. Once I move onto the supplement lifts I am reminded just how taxed my muscles are and by the time the workout is finished I never leave feeling like I could have put more into the workout.

4. GST adjusts to you. After a macro or two the numbers and recalculating the 1RM adjust to your body where the numbers begin to surprise you less and less though they are not any less impressive. For about a month prior to GST I was on an all upper body routine based on GST (hurt my ankle so squats and DLs were out) so my press and pull numbers already felt much more dialed in than my squat and lift numbers once I got to micros 3 & 4.

I’ve noticed a few people, myself included, who after micros 1 & 2 are a little unsure of the numbers but by the time they are through with micros 3 & 4 a light bulb goes on and suddenly the progression really starts to fall into place.

In the past couple weeks I have had people coming up to me in the gym asking how I’m making such great gains in size and strength. I’m not just talking the average person that I know through work but the other regulars and even one of the trainers. I tell them two things have helped me; diet and GST. Diet is a given but they almost don’t believe me that a routine could help so much. I stress how comfortable it has gotten me with going heavy through the AMRAP and other GST principles and the word is spreading. It’s not some hyped up routine like you’d find on other websites, it’s just a simple, working program that is promoted based on all the results people like me are seeing and other people are noticing.”

Dominic, London

Hi guys,

I’m into my second GST Macro and been achieving significant strength gains as expected at this early stage.

My last Squat Day was brilliant: my aim was 105KG x 6; 105KG x 6; 105KG x AMRAP. I am a stickler for form/technique and, despite being 6’7″, I get my ass right down past horizontal. This was the most I’d ever squatted and was very pleased to hit 7 reps on the final set.

The reason for posting this however is actually because of what happened two days ago, on my Press Day.

I’ve always struggled to build strength/muscle on my chest and so, for me, the Press Day was always going to be the litmus test of the programme. At the end of Macro 1 I was on holiday and due to not having a calculator to hand and being a little hungover, I was unsure what I’d lifted on my final day (1 x Max; 1 x Max; AMRAP x Max) because I was using Lbs rather than Kilos, but was fairly sure it was approximately 82Kgs – an achievement for me!

Anyway, two days ago I returned from work feeling lethargic and actually a little sick, but decided to get to the gym as I’d had a couple of impromptu days off. It was my Press Day and I wasn’t particularly motivated. I checked my programme and recoiled a little at the target weight/reps: 6 x 80Kg 6 x 80Kg AMRAP x 80Kg. I don’t trust anyone in my gym to spot me, either. I persevered and got through the first set. ‘Huh, that was okay.’ Then the second set. ‘Man, glad I dragged myself down here!’. On the third set I got 7 reps out unassisted. ‘Solid effort, now crack on with the rest!’

I was obviously pleased but it was only when I sat back in my car with the instant moment of silence that descends as I slump into my seat, headphones off. I had lifted 80Kgs before this, but it was always a struggle. I had never done 6 reps in a set before. Let alone twice. Let alone surpassing that in the final set!

Ryan, this is an excellent programme and I look forward to reviewing my progress over the coming months. Everything’s improved big time and I greatly appreciate not having to do isolation movements.

Thanks for helping me improve myself.

Dennis, Canada

Just an update, I am now into my 5th macrocycle of your program, starting over with my new 1rep maxes. Since starting your program I have hit 190lbs and have had to start purchasing a new wardrobe. I have a fellow officer using your principals and program ideas and he is already seeing big gains and others are coming to me asking what I am doing to see the strength gains am I getting. I can say that this is the first program that has worked for me and kept me interested.

Tonight I was training with my partner who is a natural power lifter and strongman competitor. I hit a 495lb trap bar deadlift…..something I couldn’t fathom a few months ago.

My current maxes are: (all were actual lifts and not calculated)

Pushpress 190lbs – up from 135×2
Squat 345lbs – up from 290
Deadlift 405lbs for two reps (reset in between) up from 375
Pull ups 276lbs for 4 reps (body weight + 40lb vest + 45lb plate)
Dips 238lbs for 4 sets of 10reps. – 175×15

I read your threads daily and am grateful for the time and energy your have put into helping me.

Thanks again!

Kevin, New Zealand

“After trying in vain to gain muscle and strength by using different routines for many months, I had just about given up on my weightlifting aspirations. Then I found GST! It wasn’t essential for me to do this workout. In fact as a beginner I could’ve made good progress on any decent program. However, because of GST’s careful planning of intensity cycles, I am able to continuously see myself gain in strength. This, in turn gives me dedication to try harder every workout and enjoy it.

In addition, the cooperative and friendly attitude of Ryan and the GST users have helped me learn more about training and nutrition, helping me to maximize my progress.

GST is not a magic program guaranteed to get you muscle or strength. Hard work and food give you that. However, this program is a perfect guide for the weightlifter that is unsure of their goals and will help them achieve that ‘growth stimulus!’

Dan, Michigan

“I just wanted to tell you GST is an excellent program and I am here to stay. I stalled for a long while, finally finding another popular program for the last few months. That was great for a good while, but some weeks were unchallenging and subsequently boring from lack of heavy stimulus.

Two weeks ago I started this routine and it is fantastic for strength, even on a cut (started with the program). Just love it. I can’t wait to see this program on a bulk.”

Clark, Oklahoma

“The first part of January this year I was coming back from a wrist surgery and started to lift weights again. I had been going to the gym frequently but I had no set goals or workouts, I basically did whatever seemed interesting at the time. A couple of days after the New Year I got on and noticed a thread in the workout program section called “Growth Stimulus Training”. The title alone sounds awesome so I decided to give it a look. Everything written by Ryan was intelligent and well put together; I had to give it a shot.”

I knew it would be a good way for me to get some focus in the gym and overall start helping me build towards my physique goals. I started the program around January 12th and still love GST to this day. I have gained about 10 pounds since starting and my numbers in the gym have gone up dramatically. Here is the current progress, I never in my life thought I would lift this much.

Start to Current: 1 Rep Max: Bench Press- 175 to 255; Squat- 205 to 335; Barbell Rows- 155 to 265; Deadlift- 205 to 345

The program has given such great results that I have a couple friends that are now on GST as well. This program has changed my life in the gym in a very good way. It allows me to push myself each session. I am always looking forward to the next workout to see what I can accomplish. Growth Stimulus Training is by far the best workout I have ever done and I plan to stay on it for quite sometime. I never thought I would have people tell me that I looked “big,” thanks to this program that is now changing.”

Jack, Czech Republic

“Just a short month ago, I was lost. I had goals, but nothing to obtain them with. I was just hopping on any machine I pleased, and going nowhere. As a beginner, a complete beginner in fact, this was very disheartening.

Luckily, I came across Growth Stimulus Training, and that is when it all began to change. The author, Ryan, has helped me ever so much. He is full of encouragement and invaluable insight into both his program, and the mechanics of weight training. There is very, very little he can’t tell you – I have yet to find anything.

The program itself is very rewarding, especially to see encouraging and speedy results. In just one short month of GST, I have seen a rise in all my chosen core lifts, and large rises too. What’s more, it is a solid program laid out in a carefully planned manner, with each workout providing a challenge. I find myself wanting to go to the gym, whereas other programs would have you go there as if it were a chore. Not GST.

Ryan himself is a delightful character and has played a large part in the many successes of GST users. His input is second to none in my opinion, and his humble approach is a very respectable trait. He doesn’t claim to be able to add 50lbs to your frame in a matter of weeks; he keeps it to the facts, and cuts the crap and the marketing ploys right out of it. As dedicated as they come, Ryan is a great man to help lead you to your fitness aspirations with his GST program. I thank you Ryan, as you have certainly helped me turn it all around.”

Sherman, United States

“For me, I think burning out is the most important factor for long-term success and I don’t see burning out ever becoming a factor. I’m doing the 8 day split and the two rest days and one complex day really help me recover not just physically, but mentally as well. GST Keeps me looking forward to the next workout.

Before I started the program I could pinch anywhere on my hamstrings/quads and grab some fat. Now it’s literally difficult to pull up any skin at all! My legs have really filled out in only one month. This to me is unbelievable as my legs have always been skinny and weak. Overall I am seeing more veins and muscle in this macro than I ever had in one month of working out. If I had only known years ago what to do and how to do it…

Although I’ve only done one month, it’s clear that the program requires that you be organized. This is really going to help you know when and if you’re progressing, when to push, and when to back off. The only thing you have to perfect is exercise form.

Like everyone says, GST “adapts to you” as you adapt to it. My first macro started out relatively easy and got more difficult toward the 3rd and 4th micros, but never to the point where I felt I could not complete a workout. I am sure that over the next three or four macros it will be more of a struggle but I’m looking forward to it. I always feel accomplished and challenged after a workout and the soreness the next day or two is rewarding.

I always felt like mixing up intensity/reps/sets worked better for me throughout my on and off years of trying to put a workout together. However, I seemed to always follow the ‘lift as heavy as you can rule,’ which did nothing for me other than exploit how weak I was. The supplement lifts are great and I really like how the intensity schemes cycle every three micros instead of four which really keeps things different.”

Rafael, Brazil

“When I started working out with Ryan, I was bored with my workout routine and diet. My strength and weight were at a plateau, and I did not know how to take it to the next level. He introduced me to GST and his nutrition plan. Ryan genuinely cares about his clients. He constantly monitored my progress and motivation, adapting the program whenever needed. My strength increased week after week even though I was spending less time in the gym. At the end of my program I lost weight, added muscle mass and was lifting weights I never had before.”

Paul, 29 years old, United Kingdom

“Just thought you might like some feedback on the GST program you set up for me. I’m currently on my second macrocycle and my first macrocycle went amazingly well. I have to admit, I didn’t think it was going to go as well as it did. I increased my 1RM on each of the core lifts! I would definitely advise anyone to try this style of training. I am getting great results and am enjoying it too, what more can you ask for?!”

Anonymous, United Kingdom

“This workout is brilliant! I think if you look at GST without doing it, you may not think the volume is great or you’ll feel like you won’t get a great workout. The opposite of this is so true. I am constantly dripping when I leave the gym and I know that I have gotten a great workout. GST definitely works you hard!”


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