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Comprehensive Nutrition Service


“The reason most ‘diets’ don’t work is because they don’t actually teach the user anything about nutrition.  I am the opposite.  I teach my clients about nutrition, allowing them to implement that knowledge and control their body for the rest of their life!”

Ryan Miller


Through his encompassing and comprehensive nutrition service, Ryan has helped 1000s of people learn his effective and sustainable approach to ‘eating with reason.’

As someone who has personally experienced the power and realizes the necessity of a quality nutrition approach in achieving serious results, Ryan recommends his GST eBook/Nutrition Service combo to anyone who is serious about making changes to their body and overall health.

It is a simple fact that without a proper nutrition plan, the effects of any training program will not be maximized.

By enrolling in Ryan’s comprehensive nutrition service, you’ll receive the information and materials explained below.

Ryan provides you with the following:

1. Suggested food choices broken down by their respective macronutrient (protein, carb, fat) category. These are not restrictive lists, just suggestions aimed at feeling and performing your best from day to day.

2. Suggested daily meal/nutrient timing schedule, based on optimal performance in the gym and satiety throughout your day.

3. Supplement advice and recommendations as requested.

4. Plan adjustments when necessary, determined through formal weekly check-ins, which are an important part of Ryan’s nutrition service.

5. Unlimited Q&A with Ryan for the duration of your nutrition coaching.

Ryan’s nutrition service is designed to be an experience, which helps you learn how to eat properly for your particular goal.

Nutrition makes the difference between results and excellent results. You are truthfully not getting the most out of your training program if you are not eating with reason, period.

Ryan allows for 4 weeks of unlimited Q&A regarding your plan, as well as necessary adjustments to fine tune your plan, often known as ‘dialing you in.’ He doesn’t believe in plans that don’t allow you to speak with the creator of those plans.

If you are interested in beginning, Ryan will need to ask you some questions so he can properly compose your plan. This is a not a generic ‘one size fits all’ plan. Each person’s plan is different, as it’s based around their personal answers to Ryan’s nutrition questionnaire.

If you would like to have Ryan assess you nutritionally before committing to his service, answer the following questions and send them to

1. What is your goal with this nutrition plan?

2. What is your current calorie intake? Layout a typical day of eating if you can. Be specific.

3. How long have you been following your current nutrition approach? Has it worked for you?

4. What is your current bodyweight, age, and bodyfat(to the best of your knowledge)?

5. Do you have an active job? How active are you outside the gym? How many days per week do you workout?

6. Do you have any favorite foods (be specific on brand and variety)? Are you using any meal replacements or supplements?

7. What is your current physique goal?

8. Are there issues, concerns, or mentionables that you’d like to share?

9. Do you have any food allergies?

10. Specify any medical conditions that limit, restrict, or dictate your nutritional intake.

11. Please include any current physique pictures.

This service is an investment that you can learn from and use for years to come. It will help you learn about portion sizing, how to figure your daily macronutrient needs, and will help you understand how to eat with reason at all times.

Ryan and his clients know this service is a nutritional tool, rather than a one time use plan.

Quality nutrition makes a WORLD of difference that can only be understood and appreciated once you have learned how to eat properly and put food to work for your particular goals.


As a GST eBook customer, you qualify for a significant discount on your nutrition service. Your discounted price is $144.99. Click the discounted Buy Now button below if you are interested in starting your nutrition experience and are a GST eBook customer.


As a non-GST eBook customer, your nutrition experience is priced at $159.99. Click the Buy Now button below if you are interested in starting your nutrition experience and are not a GST eBook customer.


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