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Growth Stimulus Training is an eye opening approach to reaching your size and strength goals. Many program creators sacrifice the inclusion of time tested and proven training methods to include 'the next best thing' in their training regimens. As the creator, I can tell you that GST is built around rock solid training concepts.

GST is your gateway to learning the concepts and principles behind effective program design. Not only will you learn the reasoning behind each aspect of GST, you'll also learn how to put together your own custom GST schedule including proper exercise choices, split layout, rep/set/intensity scheduling, explosive core lift priming, weak point training, active recovery complex training, and muscle maintenance methods.

The goal with GST is to leave no training aspect in the dark. I simply believe in giving you what you pay for. The concepts simply work and are in sync with one another to provide an exciting training experience whether you're just entering your training career or you're an experienced veteran of the iron. GST will auto adjust to any user. The more you get to know GST, the more GST gets to know you.

I thank you for your interest in GST and I look forward to learning more about you and your goals as I design your personal GST program. Train Hard. Train Smart. Grow!