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‘What do I get with my GST eBook purchase?’

When you purchase your Growth Stimulus Training eBook, a unique experience is set into motion.  You might’ve purchased an eBook, but there are many more perks for you to benefit from.  You might be asking yourself, “what exactly is this experience and what are these perks?” Read on for the answers to your questions!

1. The Complete eBook – Growth Stimulus Training: The Experience

2. Custom GST program based on your answers to Ryan’s training questionnaire.  Your program includes a custom split layout, the exercises and order for you to perform them, notes and tips for each workout, and answers to any of your follow up questions you might have.

3. Follow up support to assure that you understand just how the program works, ensuring results and confidence.  I strive to provide excellent customer service, and I work very hard for my customers.  You will get your questions answered, and you will know that you’re performing your program correctly, which is of priceless value.

4. Access to the large network of fellow GST users, resulting in an extremely unique and involved training experience.  I am an active member of this network, answering questions and providing advice on a daily basis.  I simply don’t believe that as a customer of mine, you should ever feel that you don’t have the ability to talk to me directly when you need to.  You support me with your purchase, and I support you with my guidance.

My goal with GST is to provide a working program to people around the world who are looking to improve their training results, make the most of their hard work in the gym, and want to improve their overall gym knowledge on topics such as training philosophy, training method execution, and personal program design skills.

Many competitors simply sell programs; I provide an experience. Typically, the interested customer buys the competitor’s book……but then what? They are then left to construct their own program and fend for themselves, hoping they are doing everything right.  Program execution is important, and not having that sense of knowing you’re doing it right is a huge disadvantage when it comes to results.

I have extremely lofty expectations for myself and the information I provide to those who seek it.  I view GST as a prized creation, and you’ll benefit as a result. Everyone who supports GST becomes very important to me, and I show them their importance through my customer service.

When you purchase your GST eBook, the experience begins.  You are personally contacted by me, the creator of GST. You aren’t sent an automated email; you are personally contacted with a training questionnaire to fill out and return at your own convenience.

Your training questionnaire contains the following questions:

1. What are the strong points in your physique or physical strength levels?

2. What are the weak points in your physique or physical strength levels?

3. Do you have any specific goals that you want to accomplish through GST?

4. Do you have any preferences in terms of your core lifts?

5. Do you have any preferences in terms of your supplement lifts?

6. Are there any exercises that you cannot perform?

7. How long have you been training for?

8. Do you have any medical conditions that need to be mentioned?

I carefully review your answers and personally construct a custom GST program for you. Your program is sent to you, reviewed by you, and you are then able to clear up any of your questions or concerns by contacting me if you need to do so.

The GST experience sets a new standard of customer service, which will prove to be extremely valuable. There will be no question that your GST eBook investment was well worth it.

My career revolves around training, in person and online, so helping others with their training goals is the top priority of my career.  You will realize the value behind a solid program coupled with top notch customer service once you’ve made your GST investment. I’m mentoring many people with their training, and it makes a huge difference for them.

Begin your GST experience today purchasing your eBook and receive your custom program design!

I thank you for your interest in Growth Stimulus Training, I appreciate it very much.  Feel free to email me if you’d like to contact me on a more personal level.


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