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First things first, you need to determine your workout schedule. I want you to look over the following schedules and choose the option that suits you best.

GST runs on a four workout cycle, and there is a recommended 36-48 hour recovery period between workouts. Now, if you find that you are only able to hit the gym on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, for example, hitting two days in a row is acceptable. GST takes this into account by avoiding nearly all muscle overlap. If necessary, it is acceptable to train two days in a row, but not three.

Before going any further, you should know that a typical GST workout will last anywhere from 45 to 75 minutes. The variance in workout time stems from the fact that all GST workouts are not created equal. Some have fewer sets than others, creating a change in the workout duration. Plan for a solid hour of gym time when looking over the following schedules.

There are some terms used in the schedules that might be new to you.

Foam Roll: This is a cylinder of dense foam that is used as a form of self massage for your muscles. By using your bodyweight and rolling over the cylinder you are breaking up scar tissue and knots. Imagine how a steam roller smoothes out a tar road. The concepts are the same. A foam roller can be bought at your local sporting goods store or ordered online. I highly suggest making the small investment, as it does wonders for your mobility and flexibility.

Plan for a solid hour of gym time when looking over the following schedules.

1. The Creation of Growth Stimulus Training

2. Growth Stimulus Training and the Masses

3. The Core Concepts of Growth Stimulus Training

4. The Growth Stimulus Training Rundown

5. Training Scheduling

6. The Core Exercises

7. Core Exercise Rep and Intensity Schemes

8. The Supplement Exercises

9. Supplement Exercise Rep and Set Schemes

10. Training Order and Split Building

11. Explosive Core Exercise Priming

12. Direct Ab Work

13. Weak Point Training

14. Active Recovery Complex Training

15. One Growth Stimulus Training Session

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