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A training program will only be effective if it is centered on proven and tested foundational concepts. I’m not talking about concepts that look pretty on paper and use fancy wording in their description to seem important and revolutionary.

I’m talking about concepts that flat out work!

I’m talking about concepts that have proven the test of time in gyms around the world.

Too many programs today try to be different and new, which is where they go wrong. These programs lose sight of what it really takes to build strength and gain size. When it comes to these programs, smart training takes a back seat to flashy titles, sales geared terminology, and ridiculous result claims.

Look, if a program claims to transform you in a month, that program’s creator has made a false claim for the sake of sales and marketing. I despise those people, and view them as con artists trying to make a quick buck.

I’m simply not a man that believes in that behavior and I loathe any person that does.

1. The Creation of Growth Stimulus Training

2. Growth Stimulus Training and the Masses

3. The Core Concepts of Growth Stimulus Training

4. The Growth Stimulus Training Rundown

5. Training Scheduling

6. The Core Exercises

7. Core Exercise Rep and Intensity Schemes

8. The Supplement Exercises

9. Supplement Exercise Rep and Set Schemes

10. Training Order and Split Building

11. Explosive Core Exercise Priming

12. Direct Ab Work

13. Weak Point Training

14. Active Recovery Complex Training

15. One Growth Stimulus Training Session

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