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I believe that each workout of your life could be transformed into a motivational and intense short story. This section of the book is going to take you through one of my own GST workouts from start to finish. This will help you understand how these workouts should be executed much better than seeing a list of exercises and numbers. By reading the details, thoughts, and feelings that go into a GST workout, you’ll be able to imagine the workout in your own mind. I’m confident you’ll have a better experience by reading through this workout.

The location was my home gym. The GST workout was microcycle 1, squat training with direct ab work to finish up. My core lift was the barbell box squat. I began this workout just like every other workout; with a short and low intensity ride on the spin bike. I casually rode my way through a couple of songs and called it good. Time to lift!

Enough with the easy stuff, time to get under that bar and move something. The squat rack needed to be set up and adjusted so I set the safety pins to the correct height and adjusted the j-hooks as well. I pulled up my bench, which doubled as my squatting box, and placed it in the middle of the rack. Making sure your squat rack is set up correctly is essential to having the best training session possible.

As usual, I straddled the bench in a standing position, took a few steps forward to get under the empty barbell, and unracked the barbell from the j-hooks. I made sure to take a step or two back with each foot to ensure that the barbell wouldn’t be crashing into the j-hooks during the reps to come. I proceeded to focus on form while I performed my first warm up set for 10 light reps. I always use an empty bar for my first warm up set, and I recommend you do the same. Of course the reps were simple, the weight was light, and an outsider would think I was wasting my time.

However, I knew that I had just told my body and nervous system what to expect in the very near future.

1. The Creation of Growth Stimulus Training

2. Growth Stimulus Training and the Masses

3. The Core Concepts of Growth Stimulus Training

4. The Growth Stimulus Training Rundown

5. Training Scheduling

6. The Core Exercises

7. Core Exercise Rep and Intensity Schemes

8. The Supplement Exercises

9. Supplement Exercise Rep and Set Schemes

10. Training Order and Split Building

11. Explosive Core Exercise Priming

12. Direct Ab Work

13. Weak Point Training

14. Active Recovery Complex Training

15. One Growth Stimulus Training Session

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