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How Many Calories Did You Eat Yesterday?

Published On: 26th September 2011 | By: Growth Stimulus Training

How many calories did you eat yesterday?  This is a simple question, yet many people can’t answer it!

How many dollars are in your bank account?  I’m guessing you have an answer to that one.

Something I’ve never really understood is why people care so much about taking care of their material possessions and take mediocre care of their god given gift; their bodies.  You’ve got one body to live life through, so why aren’t you treating it more importantly?

Are you unaware of how to count calories?  If so, this can be easily fixed, as it’s easier than you think. A mentor can do wonders here, and within weeks, you’ll be in full control of you daily calorie intake; and your body!

Does it sound like too much work or an incovenience?  Imagine how inconvenient diabetes will be.  Picture the recovery from any surgery caused from poor eating habits.  I’d rather work a little extra towards proper nutrition than have to deal with any disorders or surgeries caused by improper nutrition!  And by the way, it really is just a little extra work.

I’m just dumbfounded about why people just don’t have the interest to benefit from eating well.

Think about it for a second.

You gain energy!
You save money!
You improve your health!
You learn about your body!
You gain control over your body weight and composition!
You show a positive example to family and friends!

These are just some of the great things that come with eating better.  I urge you to take the initiative and learn about your food.  Put in a little work to earn some life changing rewards!  Poor eating habits hold so many people back from reaching their goals.  Make the change and eliminate yourself from that crowd!



How many calories did you eat yesterday?



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