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Published On: 26th September 2011 | By: Growth Stimulus Training

If you’re currently blasting through a macrocycle of GST, you’re highly familiar with the acronym; AMRAP. Just the mention of AMRAP might spark flashbacks of weight room warfare. Like I said, if you’re working out GST style, you know what AMRAP is all about.

If you’re still debating whether or not to incorporate GST into your training methods, let me tell you about AMRAP. AMRAP is the acronym for As Many Reps As Possible. No matter what form of work you’re putting in, if you’re working as much as possible, you’re working hard.

An AMRAP set is a guaranteed personal challenge which is incorporated into every GST workout, minus the complexes and cardio sessions. The AMRAP set is where you lay it all on the line and go until you can’t go no more! When you’re knees deep in a GST cycle, you’re anxious for every workout. The AMRAP is heavily responsible for that anxiety. Knowing that you’re about to push your limits unleashes your adrenaline and locks you into the training zone. You know that once you’ve unracked the weight, it’s no longer business as usual. You’re in that set for the long haul. You’re not stopping until you reach muscular failure. Like I said before, you’re engaged in weight room warfare.


GST uses carefully planned progression which is based off of estimated One Rep Max poundages for each core lift. AMRAP sets are necessary for calculating those One Rep Max numbers.

Knowing that each time you approach a Press, Pull, Squat, or Lift GST training session you will have an AMRAP set induces a sense of anxiety. This anxiety urges you to get to the gym and see how well you can perform. Finding out your AMRAP results is like opening a present. You want to know what kind of power is hiding inside you, just like you want to know what’s hiding under that wrapping paper.

Each AMRAP set is an event. It is a personal challenge, and you won’t want to let it defeat you.

Drippin sweat!

Reaching muscular failure results in growth stimulus to the targeted muscle group, or groups. Your body would much rather stay the same than grow and change. You need to force the need for adaption, and using the AMRAP is one way to achieve that need.

The AMRAP set is hardcore training at its best!

Are you curious about the GST AMRAP? The only thing stopping you from taming the beast is the distance between you and the nearest barbell.  Invest in your GST eBook today, get your custom GST program set up with my help, get your AMRAP on, and start craving your workouts, not dreading them. It’s time to grow!

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